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One of the works displayed at the 2000 Ecclesiastical Art Exhibit


Many Historic Trinity, Inc. Committees are instrumental in accomplishing a great deal in a variety of areas at Historic Trinity. Follow the links for more details.

The Dau Church History Library collects histories and artifacts from churches throughout the metropolitan area. We do not have the resources to do geneology research.

A History of Historic Trinity provides a general history and background of Historic Trinity.

Historic Trinity Timeline details the growth of Historic Trinity by date.

The Senior Citizens Outreach Committee meets quarterly to evaluate current programs for seniors in the community and create new ones. Follow this link for additional details.

Lutheran Financial Professionals are a networking group of financial professionals willing to work with individuals and parishes on a pro-bono basis. Follow this link for more about their activities.

Lutheran Military Service Personnel are honored on Sunday closest to Memorial Day Follow this link for more details about their activities.

The Cathedral Camera Club has undertaken a large-scale project and meets periodically to discuss its progress. Follow this link for additional details.

LAW (Lutheran Attorneys in Witness) offers a pro-bono response team service to Lutheran parishes, schools, agencies, and district or circuit officials of all synods. Follow this link for additional information about this committee's activities.

Parish Nurses provide helpful medical advice and service the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Follow this link for additional information.

Lutheran Red and Blue Line consists of law enforcement officers, police officers, sheriffs, federal agents, emergency response persons, and fire fighters meeting to find ways we can all support one another. Follow this link for additional information.

Lutheran Skilled Trades consists of carpenters, electricians, pipe fitters, mechanics, steel workers, boiler operators, equipment operators, truckers, who meet periodically at Historic Trinity. Follow this link for additional information.

Lutheran Educators is a coalition of present and retired educational administrators, teachers, and assistants. Follow this link for additional information.

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