Historic Trinity, Inc.
Non-profit Organization
Historic Trinity Seal.

Historic Trinity, Inc. is
an ecclesiastical, cultural, and community resource
whose mission is to preserve the architectural heritage
of Historic Trinity facilities,
And to develop and fund programs
That meets the needs of the Detroit metropolitan community.

Welcome to Historic Trinity, Inc.

Historic Trinity, Inc., is a Michigan non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Leading citizens from the Detroit Metropolitan area serve as the Board of Directors of Historic Trinity, Inc. They meet on a regular basis to assist Trinity in becoming a true ecclesiastical, cultural community resource for metropolitan Detroit.

Downtown church facilities throughout America are faced with the challenge of redefining their role, obtaining support, and developing programs as they move into the 21st century. Historic Trinity has become a role model for all of America.

There will be NO OKTOBERFEST or HOF BRAU held in 2016.
The Oktoberfest Committee decided to retire the Oktoberfest Event for the 2016 calendar year in honor of Dr. Eberhard. This decision was made by the Oktoberfest Committee out of respect for the effort and passion that Dr. Eberhard put into this annual event. Rev. Andrzejewski and the church offcers are respecting the committee's decision. It was necessary to cancel Hof Brau as well, since these two events shared the expense of the tent.

Historic Trinity, Inc.
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